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Many places for woman that wear plus size clothes online just don't offer enough options for all the different shapes and sizes.  We hope to offer many options for all sizes.  Spending time checking out what we have to offer may help you find that special place or that special item that fits you and your style.  Don't forget that many fantasies are determined by the mood that we are in so fit plus size lingerie to your fantasy.  Even if your fantasy is just looking perfect for your wedding night in the teddy your new husband picked out, your mood fashion fitting comfortably will help you enjoy your special night.

Every Woman wonders and only some come close to finding the true fit in plus size lingerie and plus size woman's clothing.  Please browse our online store for all your plus size woman's clothing and accessories needs.  Thank you for visiting www.OliviaMaddux.com .  Lingerie for plus size woman no longer has to be hard to find or hard to wear.  Our lingerie fits woman in all shapes and sizes.  Olivia Maddux lingerie is founded in the United States and serves every state.  Tour our site from California, To New York and Every where between.  Fans in every state including Florida, North and South Carolina, Virginia, and Maryland all along the East Coast tour our site.  The ladies in the Midwest, Missouri, Arkansas, Kansas, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Iowa, and Illinois have stopped in and visited us too!  We hope that woman from every state even the northern states like Wisconsin, South and North Dakota, along with Minnesota, and Michigan.   We love for men to visit our site and hope they find a favorite nighty, teddy or lingerie set for their woman in all sizes from any state including Kentucky, Tennessee, West Virginia, Ohio and Pennsylvania.  No matter where you are in the United States we have the right style and size of lingerie for you.  All styles and and plus sizes can make any woman connect with the inner beauty she is holds inside.  

Olivia Maddux will soon be donating 50% of all profits to The Eye Of Our Beholder Foundation.  This foundation will soon be developing a part of its organization that will be designed to help free sex slaves across the world.   

Naughty Or Nice 

Don't forget that having lingerie is not the only thing that we have that can be naughty or nice.  Our plus size tops and plus size pants can be naughty and nice too!  Plus Size apparel can be found through out our whole site so tour the pages and find the plus size apparel that you are looking for whether it is naughty or nice. 

Are you struggling with finding that inner voice?  Is your inner beautiful side the soft quite cute personality or the daring cutting edge dramatic personality?  Soft cute and quite doesn't mean you have no inner naughty desires, nor does it mean you can't feel a little naughty sometimes.  And just because your inner personality is the cutting edge and daring heroine doesn't mean you are able to be loving and tender sometimes as well.  Why not take the chance and try both.  You may be surprised and find that you have a little bit of both hidden deep down and that will help you know your personal desires clearly.  Taking you mood into count if you have both styles of plus size lingerie you can take out what fits your personality at that time.  Rarely are we so consistent that we do not feel a little bit of both at one time or another.  Having both styles of plus size lingerie available to you will help you to fit your plus size fashion perfectly to your mood.   


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